Become a Preferred Partner of the Inter-American Chapter!

Preferred Partners support fellow Inter-American Chapter Members through discounted products and services. Preferred Partners can include display their company logo and special member offer posted on the Inter-American Chapter’s website.  As a Preferred Partner, your company will play an active role within the Inter-American Chapter by providing information about your exclusive offer to our members.

To become a Preferred Partner, please submit an online application of your offer for consideration.  We will do our best to follow up with you the very next business day!

To help us with your submission and review process, please follow the steps below:

  1. Preferred Partner applicants must be in business for at least 15 months prior to submitting application and must also be an Inter-American Chapter member.
  2. Complete our online application (below) describing your special offer for Inter-American Chapter Members, and include the following details:  Anticipated efforts to market and/or raise awareness among the Inter-American Chapter Membership of your offer (e.g. attend networking events and discuss your offer with Members; include flyers in New Member orientation packets; purchase sponsorship’s and/or provide in-kind support; postings through your company’s social channels).

Preferred Partner Proposal Application




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1. Please describe your proposed offer or affinity program.

2. How do you intend to market and/or raise awareness of your program to Chamber Members?

3. If the Chamber will derive income from your program, please explain the estimated revenue and how the relationship will work? (Example: Chamber will receive a percentage or dollar amount with every Member that signs up for your program.)

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